Lands Unknown

An expedition soon begins to the savage forsaken lands known as the Gygax Wilds to the east as tensions strain within the lands of Astaroth. His Lordship the 15th King of Brenth, Gondar Astarte has declared that an expedition be undertaken in order to claim the Gygax Wilds in the name of the crown lest they be taken by the foul Cadaenians .

Our heros find themselves to be part of this expedition and soon will set out into the unknown, not knowing what dangers await and what foul ancient beings lurk within the mountains’ shadows

Power level expectations

I am a fan of the E6 system or rather the idea that power levels go something like

Levels 1-5: Gritty fantasy
Levels 6-10: Heroic fantasy
Levels 11-15: Wuxia
Levels 16-20: Superheroes
Levels 20-30: Lesser Gods
Level 30+: Godlike

So most npcs will not be much higher than 6, in fact most people higher than 3rd level are something like the top 5% of the population (i almost feel that % is still too high).

I believe in the adage that “if it has stats we can kill it” and I plan to stat more or less everything if/when it become pertinent to game-play.

I intend to play hardball when it comes to death, I will not try to go out of my way to Kill your character unless I have reason to (READ: you pissed off an NPC who now really wants you dead, and dam if he’s not going to try). I will attempt to make their reactions organic and not spontaneously give them plot weapons/abilities without some sort of justification/ setup.

I am willing to change things that people do not like/ think are dumb

I plan on giving out feat’s or possibly class features to player characters as rewards / for story reasons. I am currently possibly open to the idea of mythic if the campaign goes that route. I’m also a fan of Epic X, not so much for the toning down of power but for the horizontal progression it provides, something a feel pathfinder lacks

6 days before April

Other Wall of text info dump GO!

  • A note on character sheet’s, you don’t have to use the ones on this site I just need a link to your sheet somewhere. Feel free to use whatever online sheet software/website you want. Be it googledocs / myth-weavers ect.
  • A note on the setting it is still very much under construction so if there’s something that isn’t filled out or detailed yet that you need let me know, as it’s easier to fill out things as they come up than try and build everything and then have missed something anyways.
  • I’m aware that because of the lack of content/robustness of aspects of the setting that it may be difficult to create your character within what I’ve provided. I really don’t like the idea of being a limiting factor in the players creativity (it is your story after all) so I’m willing to collaborate with people on the creation of things / countries / factions / whatever , so long as it doesn’t contradict or invalidate plans i already planned have (unless it totally improves them, then well…)

Hopefully this is all more or less coherent

Lands Unknown

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