Praline Starset


Parents were prominent merchants that were murdered when praline was 5/6 years old. Freyalise (5 years older) took care of Praline when they were living on the streets for roughly three years; 2 months before being taken by Henry, Freyalise went missing.

Praline sang whilst living on the streets to earn money as well as doing other non-demeaning odd jobs

By chance Henry Starset found Praline on the streets of the capital and decided to take her in and adopt her. His was a military family that had served Brenth for generations, but he was known to be less prejudiced to non-humans than others in similar positions.

At first she was reluctant to embrace the lifestyle of a Brenian military family, but over time she grew to embrace the rigorous training and discipline that it entailed. In her off time, Praline continued to practice her singing. Once during a mock battle after being eliminated Praline sang on the sideline, her former opponent Jeb mocked her for it, Praline didn’t like Jeb.

Her indignation motivated her to train even harder and in the next mock conflict she soundly defeated Jeb singing all the while.

With her new found motivation Praline’s redoubled efforts led her to enroll in the officer academy in her step-brothers footsteps, Henry could not have been more proud.

It was not long after graduation from the academy that the Gygax expedition was beginning preparations, and Praline signed on following her father.

Praline Starset

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