-Royal Family


The sovereign kingdom of Brenth is ruled by the Astarte Royal Family and the five great houses of Brenth. The land’s and duties of Brenth’s leadership is split between the five houses with each lording over a province, in which their rule is absolute. The King and his line oversee the Noble houses from the Capital holding the Houses in council collectively deciding the path of the nation with the Kings word being the final law.

Brenth Royal Family

The royal sovrign of brenth

Five Great Houses

Lords Council

The Lords Council, is an assembly comprised of all the lords of the land. It is held at the beginning of each season and is a week long event held in the capitol in which all lords grand and minor meet in order to convene the laws of the land and edicts to be enacted and repealed by the kingdom.


Due to the tenuous peace which exists between the nation of Brenth and their southern neighbor Cadaen a large standing army is maintained at all time’s. The Soldiers are pulled from the lands of the great five noble houses and their vassal lords lands. The number of active soldiers at any given moment in time is around 20, 000 Soldiers with approximately twice that amount in reserve.

The Army’s maintenance and organization and deployment is directly overseen by the royal family and a war council comprised of a representative from each of the great houses.

War Council Members

In addition to the standard armies which they are required to provide to the royal family most of the five great houses possess their own force generally consisting of knight’s or similar highly trained and elite soldiers.

Notable Armies

Draconian Battalion, of House Primus : The Elite forces of Commander Draco Bismark. Comprised of approximately 500 Draconian Legionnaires, veteran soldiers who have undergone magical augmentation enhancing their physical abilities. This argumentation changes their appearance to appear more draconian in nature.

Ivory Guard , of House Medius : The forces responsible for Defending the Ivory tower ever waiting the Grishdan Expanse for signs of a Cadaenian invasion. Their number’s stand at around 2,000 soldiers including many Royal Mages’ and Knights.

Ivory Tower

The Ivory tower is a great Citadel built form ruins of a past age. It stands watch over the great bridge of land which link’s the nation’s of Brenth and Cadaen. The fortress is manned at all times by the Ivory guard as well as the Cities normal garrison. The Original towers wall’s are a pristine white maintained by enchantments placed upon it in times long since passed.

Major Cities

Ivory City : The Ivory city is a large metropolis on the southern border of the empire of Brenth. It sprang up in the shadow of the Ivory tower and serves as a base for the secondary garrison of the Tower. The Ivory city and it’s surrounding lands are governed by the Medius royal family. The city is sustained by the vast farmland surrounding it as well as by Trade with Cadaen. The Ivory city is the only city in which trade with Cadaen is allowed and all trade is closely monitored by the Ivory Guard.

Capital City :

Iron-helm :

Watergate :

Noirhold :

New Soloum :

Major Religion’s

The church of

-Major Religions , Decretum

Mages and the Empire

The empire of Brenth places tight constraints upon those who practice magic. Arcane magic wielders are confined to Spire of Leng. There they are free to practice magic in service of the empire under careful guard. Any who choose to practice magic must submit to the empire pledging their allegiance and service. Those who do not are branded as apostates and are ruthlessly hunted down and executed. Similarly those who are born with innate magical blood are also confined to the Spire.

Practitioners are often pressed into the service of the crown. These sanction magic users are still accompanied by escorts and handlers whenever they are allowed outside of the Spire. On vary rare occasion practitioners are granted freedom from such oversights but they are still monitored at all time via magical means.

Divine magic users however are not held under any such restrictions and are free to evoke the powers of their gods. However they are still confined to the faiths of the realms as priests of heretical gods are also frowned upon and hunted in a similar manner.


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