Shikuro Ohmiya

Sorcerer, Oracle, Monk, a candidate for a new god


She prefers to be in an almost human body, with the exceptions being her sharp teeth, her fox ears and her six fox tails. She stands five feet eight inches tall, with a very curvacious body. Knowing full well the effect such a body would have on a man, she uses that to her advantage in her dealings with them. Her hair is split between white and black, showing her heritage as coming from both a Zenko and Yako parents. She ties back both sides into long twin tails that fall to her ankles, careful to keep the two shades of her hair from mixing so that her split heritage remains clearly visible. One of her eyes is blue, which is under her black side, while her other eye is blood red and under the white side of her body. She often likes points out that the struggle between determining what is good and what is evil resides on her face. While black is often attributed to darkness and evil and white represents light and good, the blue of her eye resides with the black, while blue is often shown to be the color of those who serve the greater good, while red, the color often attributed to evil armies, rests under her white hair. So truly, can good and evil truly exist without one another?

Her skin is pale, but does not look in any way frail, however, her muscles are clearly underdeveloped, and she cannot lift much. She often gets around this by using her charm and guile to trick others into carrying things for her. She is no stranger to sex, as it has often granted her favors no other means could have, although recently she has begun to abstain from such courses of action. She enjoys the feeling of losing her virginity, and the money required to replace what is lost from such a course of action does not come easily. Also on her body is a birthmark resembling a 6 spiked circle with three small, magatama shaped holes within the circle. This rests high on her left thigh and is about the size of a chestnut.

She wears clothing of white, black, blue and red, further allowing her to enjoy her play on good and evil with her appearance through her clothes. Her chest is covered by a white kimono-like garb, having it hang dangerously low, leaving little to the imagination of those who look at her chest. This is held up by the red obi she wears. She has a black slit skirt that falls to her ankles, with the slit opening up on her left side, allowing her birthmark to be seen by all. She wears a sock that rises to her thigh only on her right leg, leaving her entire left leg bare save for the wooden sandals she wears.

Often times she carries around a red and black fan that depicts a yin and yang symbol when opened. She also carries with her a hip flask of alcohol that she never leaves empty, as are her two favorite pieces she keeps with her. The alcohol and sometimes drugs she uses helps alleviate her unnatural lust she feels when in battle as well as when she goes through withdrawal of not seeing a fight in some time.. Despite her mindset, the sight of blood and death excites her in an unnatural way, and so she takes preventive measures against it since she knows full well that such desires are not welcome in today’s society.

Although this is the form she often assumes, it is not her true form, but a fake one. Should one try to lift her or push against her, they will met with little resistance. The truth being that her true body is that of a young child, despite the fact that she is eighteen years old. A curse she has felt since the age of eight afflicts her, but she draws on that curses powers to aid her in her journey. So that the curse does not affect her every day life of living, she assumes the body of the well endowed female everyone perceives her as, a body that she feels she would have assumed if the curse did not have its hold on her. In her true form, she only stands as tall as 4 feet and 2 inches, but in whatever form she assumes, she weighs a measly 57 pounds.

As a kitsune, she is known to take many forms. Over the past ten years of moving from town to town, she has met many people, and can cause herself to take the form of many different individuals, both male and female. While she can assume the form of a male as well as a male’s genitals, she is in no way fertile as a male. The ability to change into any form has been quite useful when trying to coax information out of subjects, using her charm and sex appeal as both to get her way with people. Although she can have sex as either gender, she has made it clear to those who know that she can shift that she prefers to be on the receiving end of things. With this power of shape shifting, she has become quite the actress, and often gloats to others about her talents as one. However, one thing that is always incomplete with her shifting is that one aspect of herself she cannot hide regardless of what form she assumes. Her left red eye remains red no matter which form she is in, and those that know of her have sometimes caught her on that, however, her magic has been able to quickly solve any problems that may have arisen from that.


The youngest of three siblings, Shikuro is the bastard child of a female Zenko Tengoku (Heaven Kitsune) and a male Yako Seishin (Spirit Nogitsune or evil Kitsune). The two met a few years after her mother’s husband had been killed by humans, and fell in love over the course of time. It was said that the two races of fox could never be joined, with one being a good fox and the other being an evil one, and as such, the two were never allowed to marry. Regardless, the two remained together, as unofficial as it was, and lived with the two children her mother had borne before Shikuro.

When Shikuro was born, she became a clear symbol of the two’s unity. Athough she bore the piercing blue eyes of her father, with the conflicting natures of good and evil in foxes, she was born with a head of hair half white and half black. Not only that, but she also had two tails, one white and one black. On top of all this, she had a strange, blackish birth mark high on her left thigh, a circle with six points and three curved shapes similar to magatama within the circle’s center. She was an odd sight and easily stood out within the village she lived in, and no one save for her family ever gave her a friendly look. Her family accepted her for who she was, but underlying all the affection she received from her family, she knew that she would never be truly accepted for what she is by the other Kitsune.

Kitsune relationships with the other races had always been bad, and whenever the Kitsune people tried to reach out in an attempt to co-exist with other races, they always ended up being rejected for their strange appearance and arcane heritage. It didn’t help that the Nogitsune side of the Kitsune race were known to be mischievous, and many tales were told of Kitsunes playing tricks on the other races even when it wasn’t the Kitsune who caused the trick to happen in the first place. Her father was one of the few exceptions who didn’t follow the traditions his kind were so commonly known for, so his very existence gave the rest of those in the village hope that perhaps eventually, their race could live among the other races of the land and finally forgo their life of secrecy and hiding.

It wasn’t until she was three when their calls were finally answered by a promising party. The church of Tyreal had sent them a message, saying that they were interested in hearing the words of their people and that space for negotiations could be set up for them. Her parents and her elder sister were chosen among their people as representatives for this treaty. With the unity of Zenko and Yako, plus a child from one that had lost her father due to previous relations going, they believed it would help sway the church to accept their views.
However, this ended in tragedy. About a week later after they had left, a Kitsune wizard teleported back into town, beaten and bloody. He told the village that the church never intended to settle things peacefully, and that the negotiations were a trick to lure out the more powerful members of their race to be slaughtered so that they would be met with no resistance when they came to attack the hidden villages. Those that they captured there would be used either as bait for those foolish enough to try to save them and as information to find where their race was hiding throughout the land. His own magic was suppressed by their divination magic, causing some dimensional anchoring so his coming was delayed. In fact, he had come a little too late, because by the time the village knew about the danger they were in, the church inquisitors had already arrived.

It was a slaughter. With the wizard already weakened and out of spells and the rest of the powerful members of their race already killed, there was little the village could do in order to defend themselves. Shikuro and her brother, Gashuto Afin were forced to run for their lives. However, being only 3, Shikuro had little hope of escape in comparison to her 12 year old brother who could run far faster than her. He did his best to help her, mostly dragging her along as she cried in fear and pain from being tugged so hard.

“There is a way out this way,” he told her in an attempt to reassure her, “I found out about it by accident with my friends and use it to sneak out of the village from time to time. The humans shouldn’t know about it.”
But as they reached the escape route, they were cut off by a human inquisitor who had been chasing another Kitsune child, one of Gashuto’s friends. The two siblings watched as the man plunged his sword deep into the young boy’s back and out the other side. The child did not die from that however, and the two siblings stared in frozen horror as the man repeatedly stabbed him over and over until the last bit of life within him stopped twitching.
“Fucking freaks take forever to kill,” the man said before turning and seeing the two children. The look on his blood soaked made Shikuro wet herself, but it only added to fuel her brother’s will to survive and his new found fear managed to get him to spur into action.
“Run, Shikuro!” he shouted as he grabbed her wrist to pull her away again, but the fear rooting her in place didn’t subside, and his efforts only ended up throwing her to the ground.
As the man closed in on her with bloodied sword in hand, she cried out in pure terror for him to go away, and to the man and her brother’s astonishment, a fearsome, spiritual beast from another world appeared to defend her. The man screamed and waved his sword at it, but it only passed through the animal as it let out a silent roar, revealing its sharp fangs.

Shikuro had not summoned this extraplanar creature, but only created an image of one. Her Seishun heritage had manifested in her fear, the basis of her power causing the image to appear as a powerful spirit. In that instant, a third tail, another black one, grew in that instant. At the age of three, she had tapped into her heritage and manifested her arcane talent, something that is impossible for another her age.

“M-Monster!” the man bellowed as he tried his hardest to strike at the illusionary target. Shikuro’s brother then realized what was going on, and moved in to help his sister who was now cowering in fear under the safety of her illusion. Just as he reached her, however, blood splattered across her face from above. He looked up to find the inquisitor stabbed through the back, and behind him stood another man wearing white robes, but hiding his face. Shikuro felt the warm liquid on her face and soon afterwards, passed out, the illusion fading as she lost consciousness.
“Are you related to that girl?” he asked Gashuto. He nodded in response, to which the man then said, “Then today you live,” and then proceeded to slam his fist into Gashuto’s face, knocking him out.

When the two awoke again, they found themselves in a dark room with only the light of the stars from the night sky outside illuminating their surroundings. They saw other Kitsune children there, huddled together and cold, with several crying. There must have been at least thirty of them there, but not all of them were recognizable. Of the ones there, only at most three were from their village. Shikuro was the youngest amongst the children. The oddest thing that Gashuto noticed, however, was that every child in the room had more than one tail. About an hour later that same night, a single door opened and a man in a white robe came in, only Gashuto knew this was not the same man who knocked him out earlier, indicating that there were more of them.
“Your training begins tonight,” the man said, and then numerous other men in white robes started filing from behind him to forcibly grab the children. Shikuro and Gashuto were immediately separated. In amidst the confusion, however, on brave child managed to demand above all the clamor of the rest to the white robed men, “What are we training for?”
There was a pause as the white robed men stopped to allow the man in the center to give him his answer. “To become our lord Tyreal’s candidate for the next 9-tailed fox god.”

From then on, Shikuro spent long day after long day with the white robed men. She had no way of telling if the one she saw that day was the same as the one she saw the previous day, or the one she’d see the day afterwards. Each one hid his face under his hood. They put her through long, grueling tasks, forcing her to use her magic even at times when all her magical energy had been spent. The “training” she went through was beyond what any are normally capable of, and should she ever fail to accomplish what was put before her, she would be beat.
After being put through that torture for so long, she would be placed back into a room like she was in from the beginning at night, only each time, she knew that the room was different than the last. After a month of this, she began to forget what the sun felt like, only ever seeing the night sky since the rooms she entered for her training were always closed in boxes. The children within would be different from the previous day, and very seldom did she get to see her brother. When she did, however, she would always see that he had far more bruises and cuts in comparison to any of the other children, but he always put on the bravest face before her, trying to trick her into thinking he wasn’t hurt when she knew for a fact that he was.

After a year of the torture, she was once again put in the same room as her brother, but she saw that he was bleeding very heavily. All the children stayed away from him, and the smell of death wafted through the air. When she tried to speak to him, he couldn’t respond. She could not understand why he was being treated so much harshly in comparison to the other children, until one tapped her on the shoulder. She recognized him to be the same one who demanded what they were training for.
“It’s because he still only has one tail,” the boy told her, “They see no use of keeping him around if he cannot become a nine-tailed fox. Better say your goodbyes now. Given the way this institute is set up, you’ll never see him again because he will die before you get a chance to again.”
From that night on, Shikuro prayed for her brother. She continued to endure the training the men put her through, hardly even caring for her own physical health if only her brother would survive. But the nights dragged on and on, and no sign of her brother. But still she prayed for him, prayed to the god that had slaughtered the rest of her family to spare the life of her brother, for should he perish, then she’d have nothing else to rely on in this hell she now lived in.
She didn’t know how many nights it took, for there was no way of telling how long her training went on any more, but one fateful night, she finally met her brother again. He was a sleep at the time, but she could not suppress her joy and awoke him. however, it seemed that a slight change had come over him. His eyes were no longer like the ones that she had seen in him before.
“Look, Shikuro,” he said as he shifted his weight, “I have a second tail now.” He pointed to the second white tail on his backside. From where she stood, however, she could see something was wrong. His backside looked somewhat warped, and the base around his tail looked somewhat bloody, as if it had been sewn on. “Tyreal’s light has shone upon me. I am to remain as one of his candidates for the next 9-tailed god. Isn’t that great?” He began to laugh, but this laugh was unlike any he had laughed before. Shikuro stepped away, and let out a small squeak when a hand was placed on her shoulder. It was the same boy from before.
“You should have said you goodbyes when I told you to.”
From that night onwards, Shikuro had recurring nightmares about the boy who looked like her brother, but who was nothing like her brother, and his laugh.

At some point later, something changed in the institute. All the children Shikuro met had a very different outlook about how things were going. They became more willing to do the training, more willing to put up with the white robed men. They started talking about how great Tyreal was and how they couldn’t wait to become gods under his guidance. Shikuro, however, only felt hatred for the god. His church had butchered her parents and her sister, and then these people killed her brother. As such, she refused to use divine powers, the ones that she would have been born with from her mother’s Tengoku blood. She sealed them away with her father’s Seishin powers she had already learned how to use, for she did not want to draw upon power that would even remotely compare to the powers Tyreal held.
Every night she would return with fresh beatings, but the other children did not. She began to be separated from the other children, not by the hands of the white robed men, but because the other children did not want to become close to her. There was no way she could understand how they could be so won over by the god who probably killed all of their families too. Surely she wasn’t the only one to have everything stolen away from her by this supposed great lord above.
It wasn’t until some time later when something in her training changed. A white robed man who felt different than the others took her out for a day of training. However, this one did not train her, he instead allowed her to do things at her own pace. She was not beaten that day for the first time ever, which confused her. several days later, she got this man again, and the same thing happened. The third time it happened, she felt brave enough to ask him why he didn’t train or beat her like the rest, why he was different. To this, he responded, “Because you are different from the other children.”

Shikuro began to anticipate this different instructor. On the days she met with hi, she felt fulfilled. She could have conversations with the man, something that she could not do with the others. Under this man’s guidance, she felt her capabilities progressing at a much faster rate. Finally, after some time of being with this man, a third black tail manifested on her body, signaling the further advancement of her powers. Shortly after this great accomplishment, the man asked her a very peculiar question.
“Would you like to see the world outside?”

After being trapped in the facility for a time Shikuro could not determine, she finally felt the sun on her skin once again. The man and her had conversations like they usually did out there, with the wind blowing on her pale skin. So many bright colors and clear scents that she was not used to. It was the greatest feeling ever in her opinion. After looking up at the sky, the man told her to follow him. She walked for what seemed to be at least an hour, when they came across a wooden cabin-like structure. She asked him what it was, to which he only told her, “Once you step inside, you’ll understand.” Confused by this, Shikuro did as she was told, and only horror greeted her from within. The place had been trashed and scorched, and all across the floor and decayed dying tables, were skeletons.
“This is where your parents went to meet with the church of Tyreal,” the man told her, “and this is the aftermath of that time.”
Shikuro fell to her knees, unable to take in the sight before her. The bones of so many Kitsune were left unburied, now half decayed and hardly resembling bodies anymore. She knew that amongst the skeletons she would find her parents and her sister, but she had no way of telling the difference between each skeleton given their decayed state. She was afraid to advance further into the cabin, for fear of what she may find.
“This was not Tyreal’s doing,” The man said, shocking Shikuro back to her sense. The man now looked at her with his hood down. He had jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. Something about him felt even angelic almost to her. “The church of Tyreal has been corrupted by some unknown power. The current church is being controlled to do the evil bidding of someone else under the god, Tyreal’s name. The deaths you see before you were not caused by Tyreal, but by those corrupted by this unknown power.”
“Then, what about the institute,” Shikuro asked, “What about all the children being trained to be candidates? Is that being controlled too?”
The man did not answer this. He instead looked outside and said, “Did you know, that birthmark you bear on your thigh resembles the symbol of the old 9-tailed god?”
She didn’t know how to respond to him. After some time in silence, he turned back to her with a smile and said, “We are out of time. We must return.”

Shikuro did not meet the man again for some time after that. She believed that he must have gotten in trouble for taking her outside. Her training returned to the brutal regime she had lived through for so much before then. Days upon days went by, to which Shukuro could no longer measure even years anymore. She began to give up on ever seeing that man again, focusing only on making it through the days training with as few beatings as possible. After so much more of this had gone by, she found one night that she had been escorted to a room with no children in it for the night. This had never happened before, for the children were always cycled in a way such that there was always at least two children in the same room. Shortly after pondering what could have caused this, the door opened suddenly and in came the black haired, blue eyed man again. This was unexpected, and she felt joyful that she got to see him again. Before she had a chance to greet him, however, he rushed forwards and placed a hand on her mouth.
“I want you to be quite. I don’t have much time before they find me, so I’m telling you all I know before then.” Shikuro tasted blood on her lips from his touch and knew how grave the situation was. She nodded in response and the man took a deep breath before continuing.
“I wish you could see how great a god Tyreal could be, but what he is doing to you all here is no example of that. You see, the gods above are planning on allowed a new god to join them, the successful nine-tailed candidate. Tyreal never planned on supporting this, however, Lucifer, his rival, decided that he would support it. Fearing for what his fated enemy has planned, he decided to back the project. He gathered many Kitsune children, such as yourself, that have the potential to be powerful and brought them all here to have their power nurtured. He wants to make sure his candidate is strong enough to oppose Lucifer’s. He does not care what torture his men put you through, and didn’t even bother to select trainers that don’t have a vendetta against your race. To be honest, Tyreal doesn’t give a damn about what happens to you here or about the new god to come. He just wants the strongest candidate possible in order to stop whatever Lucifer has planned. You’re all tools in his eyes. Tools to be grown into weapons to use against his hated foe.”
“I think he went this way!” they hear a voice call from outside. The man curses before turning back to Shikuro and says, “I need run before they catch me. I’m not supposed to tell you any of this. Just please, Shikuro, make sure you live through all of this. Should this fail, the process will only repeat itself.”
“W-Wait!” Shikuro says as he reaches for the door, “Live through this? What do you mean?”
The man pauses for a brief moment as he stares out the door. Shikuro held her breath, and could hear the footsteps approaching outside.
“Each god can only support one candidate.”
And with that, he shut the door and fled. Shikuro could hear the footsteps rushing about behind the door afterwards. That was the last she ever saw that man, but his message had struck home for her.

From that day onwards, Shikuro tried harder during her training, focusing only on becoming stronger. If each god could only support one candidate, then she knew that the rest of the candidates here would be killed. She over heard talk from the other children, about how all of them would become gods once the white robed men here let them outside. She did not correct them, knowing that this knowledge should not be spread around if it put the man who had helped her in that danger.
Every so often she would meet with the boy who put on an air of superiority over the years. He would remark on how much she had improved, but the way he did gave her a foreboding feeling. She felt like he knew about the fact that only one would be Tyreal’s candidate. The other person she started to keep tabs on was her brother. He was one of the older people here, and he had grown to have far more strength than the others.
She feared that his strength would be enough to win him Tyreal’s favor, and began training with weaponry too, but she was never too great with weapons in the end. Her small frame could not wield a weapon properly, and those that she could wield weren’t ones that would ever win her a fight. She chose to keep weapon use to a minimum, and to focus purely on spell casting, as that is where her strength lied.

After many more days had passed, one night, Shikuro found that the room she was placed in had far more children then before, and as the night dragged on, more and more children were placed in the room. She counted there to be at least a hundred before the flow of children stopped, far more than there were when she first came here. After about an hour after the last child came in, a white robed man entered and made a loud noise with divine magic, forcing the children who had fallen asleep awake.
“The day of the choosing has begun,” he proclaimed as other white robed men appeared through the doorway. “Please come with us to prepare yourselves for the test.”
Shikuro had been waiting for this day ever since the man who had helped her had warned her. She only prayed that her power was enough to place her at the top.
The white robed men led her and the other children to the armory they often visited before training. This time, however, Shikuro noticed that the weapons weren’t dulled. While the other began to pick their selection of weapons they felt comfortable with, unpleasant thoughts began to well up inside her. She first thought that the test would be a display of strength, but the sharpened weapons suggest otherwise. She gulped as she took the one weapon she had felt most comfortable with during training, a dagger, and slid it under her clothes where it would be concealed.
“After you have chosen, follow us,” The white robed man said before leading the children again with the other white robed men. Shikuro noticed that this wasn’t the same path they took for training, further fueling her unease about the situation. The men led them into a large, pure white room with a high ceiling. high on the walls were windows where other white robed men sat, watching the children below as they filing into the room. Once all the children were in, the men who escorted them left, shutting the door behind them. Having a very bad feeling about all this, Shikuro distanced herself from the other children, but not so much as to draw attention to herself.
“The day of the choosing is upon us, young candidates,” one of the white robed men above shouted. He was using magic to project his voice into the room they were in, “We have gathered you all before us in order for you to display your strength and power and to show us all how much you have grown. Prove to us that the time you spent here was not wasted and that your power can serve our lord Tyreal well. Prove that you are worthy of his support on your way to becoming the new god to be welcomed into the pantheon. Prove… that you are stronger than all the other children gathered around you… for only one of you can be Tyreal’s candidate. The last one of you left standing will be proof that you are the one worthy of his blessings.”

Shikuro thought that she had seen more than enough blood when the false church burned and razed her village. That was before she was trapped in a room with one hundred other children fighting to kill their closest friends of the past few years to be the next god. The floor and walls were splashed with blood as the first fell to their opponents’ weapons. Then magic began to fly about the room, scorching, freezing, or even electrifying their opponents. Shikuro made the right choice of backing off, for it made it so that no one could turn and kill her in an instant. The same fear that she had felt back at her village seized her again as kitsune all around her were being slaughtered, only this time, it was by other kitsune.
Suddenly, one of the children turned and saw her. The bloodlust in his eyes made her heart skip a beat as he pointed his sword at her. During that instant, he lunged at her. The intense fear within her seized control and she screamed as she stumbled over herself. Luckily, the sword only graced her cheek in her blunder, but the sharp pain that stung afterwards made her wince. The pain caused something inside her to stir, however, and she remembered the words that the black haired man had told her. “… Make sure you live through all of this.” All of a sudden, power flowed through her and she pointed her finger at the boy just as he was about to stab his sword into her chest. Without warning, he froze in his tracks and his eyes went wide with shock. Shikuro stood up in front of him and, making sure not to lose focus, she drew the dagger she had hidden away and plunged it into his throat, twisted it a bit and then ripped it out to the side. Blood spew outwards of his throat and mouth and onto her just before his body crumpled to the floor in a lifeless heap. Suddenly, she felt a rush run through her body. She had only killed him in order to stay alive, but something about it… felt really exhilarating. She couldn’t quite describe the feeling going through her, but she enjoyed it.
For the next few moments, she fell into a trance-like state. Killing anyone who dared attempt to challenge her in the same manner she did the first one. Each kill made her feel another rush of pleasure, and then another. Soon she couldn’t no longer control the feelings within her, and gave in to the desire to kill these children who were so brainwashed by the white robed men.
After about a minute, there were only about ten or so children left. That was when she saw him, the boy with the big ego. He noticed her at the same time and smiled before throwing a fireball in her direction. With her magical power, she let the blazing ball strike her and burn around her before attempting to cast her own spells at him. Like this, the two only drew closer to each other, deflecting spell after spell off each other, until they were within arms length of each other. Then they started to duel with blades adn magic. It was a close fight, but Shikuro slowly felt herself failing. That feeling of ecxstacy was fading and she was losing sight of her power. It was that moment when the boy seized the upper hand and knocked her dagger out of her hands before slamming a fireball into her chest, knocking her sprawling backwards. She coughed up blood as she struck the wall and her vision faded. “… Make sure you live through all of this.” Those words echoed through her head again and she tried to force herself to stand, but the boy made it to her faster.
“Too bad little girl. You almost gave me a run for my money there,” he said as he raised his sword above his head. Shikuro cursed and ducked her head down just as he began to swing and she heard the sword strike flesh… but she didn’t feel any pain. She then looked up and gasped as she saw a massive sword point sticking through the boy’s stomach.
“D-Damn you!” the boy screamed as the sword retracted itself then swung horizontally across his chest from the other side. As Shikuro began to have blood rain down upon her, she gazed up at the hulking body of what used to be her brother. The other children that were alive lay in heaps, no doubt decimated by his great sword. The only two remaining children were brother and sister now.
“I am the strongest,” he said as he raised his sword high again, “I will be Tyreal’s champion!”
“Gashuto!” Shikuro shouted just as he brought his sword down towards her. Suddenly, the blade stopped just centimeters from her face. She carefully looked up at him, and saw confusion in his eyes.
“Sh-Shikuro?” He started looking around the room in confusion, as if he didn;t even realize what he was doing only moments before. “No way… are we the only ones left?”
“Yes, we are.”
He dropped his sword then and embraced her. She couldn’t believe it. After all this time, her real brother had returned. The brother who had always been there for her until this whole mess had happened.
“Hey! White robes!” Gashuto shouted at the top of his lungs as he turned to face them above. He stepped away from Shikuro and pointed to them with a look of defiance in his eyes. “This fight is over. There is no way I’m going to kill my own sister. It looks like Tyeal is going to have to name two candidates whether he likes it or not!”
The white robed men started turning to each other, saying things that could not be heard from behind the glass. “There is no need for any damned discussion!” Gashuto continued, “It’s both of us or nothing. You hear me?”
Perhaps it was his last words then, but Shikuro remembered something that the black haired man told her. “Each god can only support one candidate.” She looked up at the White robed men and saw that what they were discussing definitely wasn’t about how they would compromise with her brother. She knew they had no intention of letting them both be his candidate, and if the two of them don’t kill each other, then they would probably kill both of them.
“Should this fail, the process will only repeat itself.”
With tears in her eyes, Shikuro stood up and cast a spell on her brother. “So? What’s it going to-?” he bellowed, but was cut off when the spell hit him. The white robed men stopped their discussing to look upon what was happening below. Shikuro calmly walked over to where her dagger lay and picked it up. It was still wet from all the blood of her previous victims. She then walked up to her brother, refusing to look in his eyes as she placed the dagger’s blade against his throat.
“I’m sorry, Gashuto,” she said, struggling to choke the words out, “but to them, it’s either one of us, or neither of us…”
And then she moved her wrist.

Shortly after she had been washed up, she was called to meet outside. It was still dark out, and very cold, unlike how it felt when she was taken outside with the black haired man. The white robed men led her to a clearing and told her to wait there. Feeling there was no reason to flee, she waited as she was told. After w few moments, a bright light appeared before her, and from that bright light out stepped a golden glowing figure. He didn’t need to say his name to her, for she already knew who it was.
“You understand the weight now upon your shoulders, right?” Tyreal asked her. She nodded in response. “Good. Just recently, a 9th god entered the plan, so there will be 8 others like you that are candidates for the new god. You will undergo trials along with them, although you may never even meet them. After completing all the trials will you then be judged if you are to be the next god. Does this make sense.”
“So you’re saying I have to kill the other candidates to claim my role as a god?”
“You can, but that is not the only way,” Tyreal replied. Shikuro did not respond. “The trials will begin once all the gods have decided that it is time. When it is, I will send a messenger to you telling you what the first trial is. Do you have any questions?”
“What should I do in the meantime?”
“Whatever you wish, but I would suggest finding several champions that will help you. The gods themselves cannot interfere with the trials directly or indirectly, but those you meet in your travels can be used to help you seize victory.”
“Understood,” Shikuro said, “But I have one request.” She paused for a moment to get Tyreal’s approval, “May I act as one of your agents to remove the corruption from your church in the mortal lands before this all begins? It is something I feel I must do.”
“Feel free to do so,” he says, “But should the time of the trials arise and the corruption still remains, you must abandon that mission to complete the trials.”
“Undestood. Is that all?”
“No, for I have one more gift to give you. Divine power to aid you on your journey.”
“I don’t want your divine powers.”
“Either you accept them willingly, or I force them upon you.”
“My statement still stands.”
“So be it.”
And with those words, pain wracked Shikuro’s body. Under the moon, her Tengoku powers she had suppressed flowed outwards against her will, unlocking a new potential within her. Two white tails manifested then, ones that would have been there had she only practiced with the power. Something that she did not know then, was that because of the powers being forcibly pulled out of her, side effects would occur. From that point forwards, her body would remain in the child form she bears now, that of an 8-year old. Once the transformation was complete, she fell to her knees as a burning resided in her left eye.
“Let that eye be a reminder of your task. The other Kitsune trying to become a god like you will bear a similar mark, as was decided by the gods. That will be a way for you to recognize who among the many you may meet will be your adversaries.”
And with that last message, Tyreal summoned his light and left her there, breathing heavily in the dark after going through so much pain. With her new powers unlocked, she summoned some water with which to see her reflection. She then saw that her left eye was red, when it had used to be blue. She grimaced and tried to use her shape changing powers to remove it, but regardless of what she did, all the forms she assumed kept that red eye.
“Damn him…” she said as she stood up, viewing the landscape around her. The world stretched outwards as far as she could see, something she had not experienced since that day with the black haired man. Lit only by the moon, she could still see the immense beauty laid out before her.
“You never really appreciate something until it’s taken away from you… huh.”
It was that moment that she decided, she wasn’t just going to be Tyreal’s tool. She will use this opportunity he gave her to ascend to godhood, and once there, she will use her power in order to prevent the what happened to her to happen onto others. Not just for her people who have been hunted for no other reason than being different, but for all races, and she will use her power to punish those who would go against that wish.
“Now then… where to begin?” she asked no one in particular as she started walking into the night.

Shikuro Ohmiya

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